A Marketer Among Scientists: A Coffee with Oskar

A Coffee with Quantistry

In our "A Coffee with…" interview series, we give the floor to our awesome colleagues. This time, Oskar takes center stage and sheds light on the marketing of our R&D simulation platform, QuantistryLab.

Let’s start with the warm-up and a first simple question: Tea, coffee, or water?  
A bit of everything. It's the mixture that makes the difference. 

What would you title your autobiography? 
“Between the worlds”

A genie grants you a wish; what do you wish for? 
Let me eat pizza without gaining weight — I just love pizza. 

Cool, let's delve further into your field of work, focusing on the marketing of our simulation platform QuantistryLab. 

You are not a scientist. Well, not everybody is. So, how do you deal with the challenge of not having a scientific background but working at Quantistry? 
Doing marketing for a scientific product is very different from any other product such as mountain bikes or sneakers. I have to be extremely precise in writing, branding, and showing QuantistryLab. No compromises or mistakes can be made in terms of scientific accuracy because that would kill both the marketing and the product. That’s why I work closely with our scientists to ensure these essential values. 

And how does the collaboration with the scientists work? 
The key is communication and the translation of science into marketing and vice versa. In other words, developing a common language. Therefore, I meet with the scientists to share my ideas and let them be filled with science. After the ball has been passed back and forth, we create results that are scientifically reliable and valuable for marketing. 

However, this collaboration also fulfills a classic rule of thumb: If you want your product to be recognized by the community you want to reach, you have to speak their language. If they realize that there isn't someone on the other side who talks like them, they will turn away. So with this approach, we’re killing two birds with one stone: The marketing receives the scientific depth that is required and at the same time speaks the language of the community. 

What's the coolest thing you've learned from the scientists? 
Most likely the spectral fingerprint. The short explanation for that term is that the spectral fingerprint is something like a chemical ID card for a substance. And if you know the fingerprint of a substance, you can identify it, especially when it comes to drugs. Now that I know about this technique, I see it in all kinds of documentaries, crime series, and movies. And the coolest thing is that I not only recognize it—I also know what it means. 

And last but not least: Which famous person from any era would you like to have a coffee with? 
Being a nerd, I would love to have had a coffee with the artist behind Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama (sadly, recently deceased). In my childhood and youth, I spent countless hours with his stories, not only reading them but also drawing them. That's why I always had a soft spot for the video games he was responsible for designing. Akira Toriyama's work has influenced me on many levels.

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