Chemical Simulations for Metals, Alloys and Ceramics

For nearly every industry in the world, inorganic materials like metals, alloys and ceramics are indispensable. To optimize critical parameters such as electrical conductivity and mechanical stability, most manufacturers make extensive use of rare and expensive elements. Replacing them with more abundant substitutes, while retaining the same properties, is of strategic relevance to achieve sustainability and a stable supply chain. Chemical simulations for metals, alloys, and ceramics help to identify suitable alternatives and thus tackle this crucial challenge.

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Defects and Dopings

Since structural defects and dopings can have a large impact on the properties of metals and alloys, their identification and analysis is exceptionally relevant. Quantistry helps you to evaluate the potential effects on the performance of these materials in a highly efficient way.

Atomistic Design

Alloy Screening

The analysis of mechanical, electronic, and thermodynamic properties of alloys in various compositions is of crucial importance for many industries like aerospace or aviation. Use our Quantistry Lab to massively screen and predict these parameters for various possible alloy compositions and structures in a fully automated way.

Functional Material Engineering

Design of Ceramics

Ceramics are an important building block in many different fields such as superconductors, piezoelectric components and optics. Especially the structure-property relationship is of major importance when for example investigating dielectric or electronic behavior. Our solution helps you to estimate and fine-tune these key properties in the twinkling of an eye.

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Screening of Alloy Compositions

Fine-tune the properties of your alloys by screening different compositions, dopants, as well as ordered and disordered phases. With the help of our simulations you can develop a better understanding of the effects of the structural variations on key parameters like electrical conductivity, mechanical properties or thermal behavior.

Advantages of our Solution

  • Intuitive Web App

    Quantistry is made for all kind of experience levels. With only a few clicks you can optimize chemical reactions, design novel materials or predict their properties.

  • Browser-Based Solution

    All you need to access our cloud-based solution is an up-to-date web browser. There is no need for any kind of local installation, software updates or maintenance.

  • Pay-by-Use

    When you use our simulation platform, you only pay for the computing power you use, apart from a small annual fee. This makes your R&D highly cost-efficient.

  • Workflow Templates

    No need to reinvent the wheel: use existing use case-centric workflow templates or develop your own to work time efficiently.

  • Individual Compounds

    Upload your individual compounds and make them the subject of your analyses - under strictest security measures, of course.

  • Parallel Project Management

    Owing to cloud-based technology, you can run numerous projects and analyses simultaneously in the Quantistry Lab without risking delays.

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