The New Way to R&D: Quantistry Grows from Startup to Scaleup


Quantistry is growing its team as it prepares to scale up operations across all its departments, transforming from startup to scaleup.

With the recent addition of four new team members, Quantistry now has a total of 17 employees. The new hires joined just after a €3M funding round in March, with investors including Ananda Impact Ventures, IBB Ventures, and BASF’s Chemovator.  

This marks a new stage for the company as it scales up. The goal is to build a resilient company that sustainably and successfully grows along with the increasing customer demand. 

Founded in 2019, Quantistry started out as a spinoff of the Freie Universität Berlin. The founders wanted to address a challenge they often faced during their PhD — having to manually fine-tune code every time they wanted to make computer simulations of chemical and material systems. With Quantistry, the goal was to automate this process and make it accessible to both non-experts and R&D experimentalists.  

The main question back then was, would the industry be interested in such a product? The following years made the answer very clear — a resounding yes.

This is proven by the interest shown by industry leaders in our chemical simulation platform, QuantistryLab. Quantistry now works with the R&D teams of companies such as Airbus and Osram — as well as some others we can’t reveal just yet.

The rapid insights gained from Quantistry were beyond our expectations. It's rare to find a chemical simulation platform that so quickly becomes integral to our R&D work in battery materials.

Carsten Staacke, Specialist Cell Simulation at Cellforce Group

Our new hires will strengthen the company across multiple areas and consolidate its structure as the customer base grows and existing collaborations continue to expand. Let us briefly introduce them: 

Hamy Albath is joining Quantistry as Chief of Staff with the goal of helping the company define and streamline its processes. She has a background in law and economics and knows well how to navigate the challenges of scaling up as a startup founder herself. 

Jacek Suchan, Quantistry’s new Key Account Manager, is tasked with scaling up business development activities as the customer base expands. He brings along many years of experience in business development and international sales working with companies from all around the world.  

David Cesar Malaspina joins Quantistry as a Computational Chemist. With a PhD in computational biophysics and extensive industry experience, he will be strengthening the science team as the company scales up the capabilities of its platform.  

Clara Rodriguez Fernandez is Quantistry’s fresh Science Writer. She draws on multiple years of experience as a science journalist to delve deep into the more technical aspects of our technology and make them accessible to readers of all levels.    

We are pleased to welcome these highly skilled professionals to our team. Following our recent funding in March, we are strategically enhancing key areas of our company to advance to the next level and realize our vision of transforming R&D through quantum and AI.

Marcel Quennet, CEO of Quantistry

You’ll get a chance to learn more about them in our “A coffee with Quantistry” interview series. Stay tuned for more on our scaling plans and new hires as Quantistry embarks on a journey to reshape R&D, from quantum to AI. 

About Quantistry
Quantistry is dedicated to transforming R&D by democratizing advanced simulations, making our cloud-native platform a catalyst for innovation and sustainability. We empower global leaders in strategic sectors to tackle today's challenges with tomorrow's solutions, driving not just innovation but a greener future for all. Our vision is to fully digitalize chemical and material R&D, merging cutting-edge simulation technologies with unparalleled user experience. Our holistic approach will pave the way for a future where R&D breakthroughs are accessible to all. 

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