Quantistry: Berlin-based software company launches platform for chemical simulations


Today Quantistry announces the official launch of its platform „Quantistry Lab“, a digital chemistry lab for material development simulations. Focused markets are primarily battery development, semiconductors, lubricants, optical as well as specialty chemical industries.

Today Quantistry announces the launch of its simulation platform "Quantistry Lab". The cloud-based solution of the Berlin-based software company makes it possible to determine material and molecular properties on a computer-based basis and thus decisively optimize development processes. This is relevant, for example, in the development of batteries, semiconductors or lubricants, but also provides considerable time and cost advantages in the optical and specialty chemicals industries.

Particular attention during development was paid to the scientific quality of the simulations. To ensure this, Quantistry has implemented various methodological approaches. Starting with quantum chemical methods that provide relevant insights at the atomic level, molecular dynamics models for determining properties of more complex chemical compounds, and machine learning methods. The cloud-based architecture of the system means that the software is continuously updated, allowing customers to automatically use state-of-the-art simulation technologies at any time.

Another unique feature is its usability. "In our own day-to-day research, we have repeatedly experienced that simulation solutions in chemistry are decidedly bulky and complicated to use," says CTO and Co-Founder Dr. Vincent Pohl. "With our Quantistry Lab, we have developed a solution that is ease to use even by non-experts," continues the chemist with a PhD.

The company is already investing in the development of quantum algorithms in order to keep pace with the upcoming technological change in the simulation world, and furthermore, also to play a significant role in shaping it. "Even if the commercial maturity of quantum computers is still a way off, the expected benefits for our field are entirely beyond doubt: high-resolution simulations in less time" explains Dr. Marcel Quennet, CEO and Co-Founder at Quantistry. "For this reason, the Quantistry Lab has been designed from the outset to seamlessly transition to future quantum computers once they become commercially available. This will provide a key competitive advantage for our customers." In this context, the company is also involved as an associate partner of PlanQK, a consortium of 19 companies and scientific institutions working on combining artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

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