Press Coverage Recap: Quantistry’s 3M Funding to Reshape Sustainability in R&D


With the investment from the previous financing round, we’ve embarked on a new chapter, moving us closer to our dream of transforming R&D. The announcement of this milestone was met with a fantastic response, prompting us to compile all related reports, which we're thrilled to feature in this article.

We've achieved a significant milestone in our Quantistry journey. In March 2024, we announced that Ananda Impact Ventures, Chemovator GmbH (the business incubator of BASF), IBB Ventures, and a Family Office have invested $3 million in our vision. They believe in our mission to transform chemical and material R&D with Quantum and AI, driving industrial innovation towards a more sustainable future.

This investment is a major milestone in revolutionizing chemical research and development and speeding up the discovery of sustainable materials.


At a critical time when the industry faces increasing pressure to find more environmentally friendly alternatives, our technology emerges as a pivotal solution. It is poised to make a significant impact by enabling the rapid testing and development of new materials that are essential for a range of applications, from next-gen batteries and polymers to alloys and carbon capture. By focusing on sustainability and efficiency, we empower leaders across strategic industrial sectors worldwide to meet today's challenges through Quantum and AI-based solutions.

We are proud to announce our recent impact investment in Quantistry, an innovator in the field of chemical simulations!

IBB Ventures

After sharing the news of securing $3 million in funding, we experienced a fantastic response, culminating in over 15 million impressions across magazine articles, social media posts, podcasts, and newsletters. You can find a comprehensive collection of press coverage linked below. This has filled us with gratitude and pride, fueling our excitement for what lies ahead.

We believe that Quantistry has a key role to play in the future of new sustainable materials, using quantum chemistry, chemical simulations, and AI.

Ananda Impact Ventures – Alina Bassi

The journey ahead promises even more thrilling developments; the best is yet to come! If you want to delve deeper into the world of Quantistry, click here to connect with us on LinkedIn and stay updated on the latest in simulations. 


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