Working as a Computational Chemist at Quantistry

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Stefan Mattsson holds a PhD in chemistry and has focused on computational chemistry as part of his education. He is one of several experts at Quantistry who is responsible for the reliable functioning of our simulations and the scientific validity of our results. Learn more about him and his job.

What are you doing at Quantistry?

I do computational chemistry combined with software development and method development. This means that I am responsible for programming backend features in the Quantistry Lab and making sure that the software runs well. I also research scientific programs and see if we can integrate them into our solution.

What are the most important capabilities a computational chemist needs?

It's important to be well-grounded in theory and methods so you know what you're doing, but also not to lose focus on making things work. Of course, you should have knowledge of chemistry. This is important to understand the scientific programs and to be able to integrate them into our software. Two theories we work with are DFT (density functional theory) and MD (molecular dynamics). Since our software is cloud-based, knowledge of cloud environments is also an advantage. For programming, we work with Python and Bash.

Usually simulation solutions are very complicated. We have automated most steps in our Quantistry Lab so that it is extremely easy to use.

Dr. Stefan Mattsson | Computational Chemist

What do you think is the biggest strength of our product the Quantistry Lab in contrast to other solutions on the market?

It's the usability. Many solutions are very complicated. We have automated some steps in our software so that it is extremely easy to use. Of course, if you're an expert, you can also adjust each setting individually and look at the details. But for standard use, this is not necessary. This reduces the complexity immensely and anyone can use our solution very easily.

What are the three things you like the most about your job here at Quantistry?

The variety of exercises and work tasks. I can work on a lubricants industry use case one day and electrochemistry another day. But I also like to combine this with learning more about IT and how to build an app. And the third thing is simply working with my colleagues so that we can improve on everything by working together and learn from each other.

Thank you very much, Stefan.

You're welcome.