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Meet Quantistry’s Newest Member: Jacek! He joins us with many years of experience in business development for companies around the globe. Curious to learn more, including details about his most memorable business trip? Then jump straight into the interview.

Let’s start with the warm-up and a first simple question: Tea, coffee, or water? 
Coffee! I have moved to Italy two years ago, where coffee plays a vital role in everyday social life. Ever since I drink 3 to 4 espresso per day.  

What would you title your autobiography?  
The Eternal Quest for Places with Warm Weather and Sunshine 

What was your favorite science class subject? 
I loved Biology and Chemistry. My Chemistry teacher was pretty cool.  He would allow us to do experiments in the school lab.  I remember how we used to put small pieces of aluminum into test tubes filled with hydrochloric acid. The reaction produced hydrogen gas which we would then light on fire. 

How did you first hear about Quantistry and what made you decide to apply? 
One of the co-founders of Quantistry, Arturo Robertazzi, is a former colleague of mine. We’ve been previously working together for several years in a biotechnology company in Berlin, and he knows me very well. One day he approached me and brought to my attention that I may enjoy working at Quantistry. I have always liked working in science-oriented environments, so I decided to apply.

Additionally, the company has a very modern home office policy. They are fine with me working 100% remotely from Italy, which perfectly fits my current lifestyle and needs.  

Cool, let's delve further into your field of work, focusing on business development.  

You are not a scientist. Well, not everybody is. So, how has your professional background equipped you for your role at Quantistry? 
I have studied International Business Management and have worked in different companies in Germany, France and Italy. In my previous role as Business Development Manager for a German biotech company, I was responsible for the Western European, North American and African market. During the last decade, I have come in touch with a multitude of business partners of various cultural backgrounds.  

This experience will be useful at Quantistry because the product we are selling has no borders. It can give a competitive advantage to a great variety of companies from all around the world, big and small. Therefore, I think that my previous international business experience will come in handy.  

What was the craziest or funniest story you experienced during a business trip? 
I’ve been doing lots of business trips to Africa, Oceania, North and South America as well as Europe, so I have endlessly many stories to tell... 

On one occasion, I had a meeting in Suva, which is the capital city of the Fiji Islands. My task back then was to negotiate contracts with the Central Bank of Fiji. 

Once I arrived at the building, I was escorted into a big meeting room that slowly started filling up with people. In the end, there were close to 15 meeting participants from the central bank, while I was all alone. The employees who kept coming in seemed to be somewhat nervous when they saw me.  I think they were expecting a much older person. (I was barely 30 back then). The atmosphere got strangely tense, and they seemed really worried for some reason.  

The tension reached its climax when the governor of the central bank made his big entrance. Everybody froze. The governor looked at me for a second and then he warmly smiled. The other meeting participants were immediately relieved and started smiling as well. The meeting was a great success and the governor arranged for a private tour of the National Museum of Fiji afterwards. I felt like a very important person.

And last but not least, as a final question: Which famous person from any era would you like to have a coffee with? 
Fredrick Barbarossa, King of Germany and Holy Roman Emperor. (I have a weird fascination for Medieval history.)

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