Deloitte’s Quantum Climate Challenge 2023

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Imagine using the power of quantum technology to tackle one of the hardest and most pressing challenges of our time: Climate Change.

That is why Deloitte is calling on curious minds to come together and harness the potential of quantum computing to solve some of the most complex environmental problems.  

And because you are always more successful together than alone, Deloitte has forged great alliances for this project. In the best company with IBM and AWS, we proudly announce that we support the challenge with our simulation platform, Quantistry Lab

For all the creative minds out there wondering what else there is to win, the rewards for the five finalists this year are: 

  • 5,000 Euros – 1st place  

  • 3,000 Euros – 2nd place  

  • 2,000 Euros – 3rd place  

  • 1,000 Euros – 4th place  

  • 1,000 Euros – 5th place  

Run quantum simulations by using quantum computing 
If you register for the Quantum Climate Challenge 2023, you will receive access to a working 16-qubit quantum computer from IBM to test the solution you came up with. And if you're one of the Top 5, you'll even have the opportunity to work with one of IBM's 27-qubit systems. In addition, all participants will receive AWS credits for running Amazon Braket. 

To come full quantum circle, you will have access to our Quantistry Lab to run quantum chemical simulations. For us, this is a great chance to prove the power of our platform and what it is capable of when combined with quantum technology. 

Reduce CO2 by optimizing MOFs 
The task for the participating teams is to develop materials that can filter CO2 out of the atmosphere. Therefore, the focus is on metal-organic frameworks, shortly MOFs.  

Deloitte Quantum Climate Challenge 2023 –

Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs)

They are perfect for this challenge because MOFs have a high surface area, a low heat capacity, and tunable pore size. Excellent conditions for a novel solution that can reduce the negative effects of CO2 by getting it out of the air.  

Use quantum chemical simulations diving deep into the atomistic level to unlock the new possibilities of CO2 adsorption and make MOFs even more effective without being too expensive. 

Join the Challenge 
This is your chance to make a real impact, change something, and be part of a team that secures a sustainable future for us all! Are you ready to join the quantum revolution and make a difference? Then register now for Deloitte’s Quantum Climate Challenge 2023!