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Our Simulations are Fun

Chemical simulations – it sounds abstract but it’s much closer to everyday life than you might think. Whether it's a smartphone, organic toothpaste, or the oil on a bicycle chain: all these products contain an incredible amount of chemical know-how. And in all these cases, the development process started in the lab at some point. Over hundreds of development cycles, researchers have worked their way toward the optimal properties of a material or active ingredient. Until the ideal conductivity of a semiconductor or the desired viscosity of a petrochemical product is given. Usually, such developments take years and cost a lot of resources as well as money. We are convinced that there’s an easier way to do that.

Due to constantly growing computing resources, it is now possible to shift a considerable part of research and development to digital products. Simulations avoid countless lab-based iterations, which massively reduces the investment costs of researching companies and improve their environmental balance at the same time. In the future, the whole thing will get even better, because quantum computers - which experts expect to be commercially viable in the upcoming years - will bring the performance of simulations to a whole new level. With our approach of a cloud-based simulation platform, we are well prepared for the R&D of the future.

Meet the Team

  • I like my job at Quantistry because I get to work with a great team here to help develop an innovative product that truly transforms materials and drug R&D and delivers real value to our customers.
    Clemens | Head of Product Development
    Amateur Chef
  • I was excited about Quantistry right from the start because I see huge potential in the fact that companies can use our product to digitize their materials research and thus work in a much more cost-efficient and, above all, environmentally friendly way.
    Stefan | CFO

Our Benefits

  • Full-Time or Part-Time

    Balancing your personal life and your career is our top priority.

  • Flexible Working

    At Quantistry, every employee decides for him- or herself how he or she works.

  • Vacation

    Since sufficient recovery is essential for your health, you get 30 days of vacation per year.

  • Personal Development

    There is always something new to learn, which is why we invest 1,000 EUR per year in your education.

  • Favorite Hardware

    We believe that work should be fun. That's why we pay the hardware of your choice.

  • Regular Team Events

    Because we can only be successful as a team, we regularly organize events.

  • Free Fruits

    A box of healthy organic fruits is delivered fresh to the office every week.

  • Top-Notch Coffee

    We have a deal with our favorite coffee shop, so that you can get fresh coffee drinks for only €1.

  • Delicious Refreshments

    There's a fridge in the office with a large selection of drinks like water, juices, mate, beer etc.

Our Values

  • User-Centric

    We are successful, because we put our users, their needs and their habits at the very center of our work.

  • Pragmatic

    We are clear, concise, and straight-forward in everything we do – so is our product.

  • Performance-oriented

    Both our product and our work ethic maintain the optimal balance between speed and accuracy.

  • Trustful

    We have a trustful, transparent, and fact-based method of communication with one another, including our customers and partners.

  • Environmentally conscious

    We make the development of chemical products and materials more sustainable, and we live sustainability in our company.

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