Our Mission

Quantistry is dedicated to transforming R&D by democratizing advanced simulations, making our cloud-native platform a catalyst for innovation and sustainability. We empower global leaders in strategic sectors to tackle today's challenges with tomorrow's solutions, driving not just innovation but a greener future for all.

Our Vision

Our vision is to fully digitalize chemical and material R&D, merging cutting-edge simulation technologies with unparalleled user experience. Our holistic approach will pave the way for a future where R&D breakthroughs are accessible to all.


Our Story

Founded at the end of 2019, Quantistry aimed to seamlessly integrate multiscale simulations, quantum technologies, and AI into the everyday workflow of chemical and material R&D.

The inspiration for Quantistry arose from our founding chemists, deeply involved in quantum chemistry and multiscale atomistic simulations. Traditional software, despite the growing demand in R&D, faced significant hurdles: the requirement for high-level computational and scientific expertise, and the complex, costly integration of these tools into the R&D system. Moreover, the sporadic use of simulations made fixed on-premises resources both impractical and uneconomical, while the software's complexity challenged even seasoned chemists.

In response, we envisioned a holistic computational platform that would merge state-of-the-art methods with the latest in quantum and AI technologies, all within a user-friendly, cloud-native architecture. This approach would offer scalable, dynamic computing resources, including quantum computing to expedite chemical and physical process simulations.

After two years of dedicated development, we have proudly launched QuantistryLab: the world's most intuitive chemical simulation platform, tailored for the discovery and design of innovative chemicals and materials. QuantistryLab transforms R&D to be intuitive, data-driven, and impactful. From Quantum to AI.


Want to Change the Future with Us?

We're on the lookout for people ready to bring our mission to life. So, if you identify with our vision, possess a hands-on mindset, and are really good at what you do, then check out our open positions!