Our Position

We believe that the future of chemical and pharmaceutical product development can be fully digitalized when innovative simulation technologies are matched with outstanding UI and UX.

Our Mission

To make product development in chemical and pharmaceutical industries easier, more efficient and more sustainable.

Our Story

Quantistry was founded in 2019 by three quantum chemists with the goal of integrating chemical simulations more closely into the day-to-day work of chemical and pharmaceutical research & development – making it easier, faster and cheaper.

The inspiration stemmed from the founding chemists everyday work. Despite the high demand for simulations, the majority of the experiments and investigations were completely laboratory-based and therefore time-consuming and expensive. One of the main reasons for this was, and still is, that conventional simulation solutions typically require supercomputing power, which can calculate chemical reactions or properties of structures in an adequate amount of time and accuracy. However, this usually comes with high costs in terms of acquisition and maintenance and is therefore limited in availability. Simulations are also not used on a regular basis, which makes fixed on-premises resources even more uneconomical. Furthermore, the associated software is often so complex that even the most experienced of chemists reach their limits when working with it.

With this in mind, the idea of a computational chemistry platform was born that would meet scientific requirements, is user-friendly, and completely cloud-based, so that computing resources could be easily added or removed with greater flexibility. This also explicitly applies to quantum computing resources, which can massively accelerate the simulations of chemical and physical processes.

The result of this concept, along with two years of development, is our Quantistry Lab: a fully integrated, cloud-based computational chemistry platform that helps our customers make their product development easier, more efficient, and more sustainable.

Our Values

  • User-Centric

    We are successful, because we put our users, their needs and their habits at the very center of our work.

  • Pragmatic

    We are clear, concise, and straight-forward in everything we do – so is our product.

  • Performance-oriented

    Both our product and our work ethic maintain the optimal balance between speed and accuracy.

  • Trustful

    We have a trustful, transparent, and fact-based method of communication with one another, including our customers and partners.

  • Environmentally conscious

    We make chemical and pharmaceutical R&D more sustainable, and we live and breathe sustainability within our company.


You want to change the future with us?

We are always looking for employees who can put our mission into practice. So, if you identify with our position, mission, and values, have an hands-on mindset and are really good at what you do, then check out our open positions!